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Our manifesto
for a less stressful life

Everyone says: "There's good and bad stress."
The kind of stress that ups your game and the other that leaves you petrified.
We think stress makes life dreadful.
It makes us nasty, impatient, intolerant.
Unloving and uncaring. Less human and less happy.
At Kaya, we think being relaxed promotes creativity.
That your best performance comes from winding down.
That your smile is a powerful tool.
There's no need to live in a buddhist temple to lead a less stressful life.
Your weapons: plants and sweets.
Go on, try it and see for yourself: living life stress-free makes it easy. 😌

Our team, passionate and united

looking for solutions to their own problems around stress.


Quality and Product Development


Quality and Product Development

Stress Trigger: Losing control

I have a background in pharmacy, so for me, things need to be backed up by scientific facts and need to be done right, but my high standards sometimes prevent me from letting go. The idea of combining the benefits of CBD and adaptogenic plants came to me while I was trying to find ways to relax, all while staying focused and productive.



Sales and Regulatory Affairs

Stress Trigger: sciatica and sleeping problems

I found out about CBD after a bike accident which led to a sciatica problem and subsequently pain and sleeping issues. I had previously heard about CBD and tried it in oil form. It worked out really well for me! Now, I always keep a bottle of our CBD oil close to me just in case...



Sales & Regulatory Affairs


Key Account Manager


Key Account Manager

Stress Trigger: Technology

I get really stressed when technology doesn't work for me! I am usually fairly calm but I get very frustrated, quite quickly, when I can't work out how to fix something on the computer. I love our Happy Gummies range because even just looking at them cheers me up and reminds me to relax and smile through the stress.



Marketing & Website

Stress Trigger: My to-do list

I'm a pretty relaxed person but I definitely get easily overwhelmed when things start stacking up at work. That kind of stress makes you lose sight of things which is why I really love our Rise & Shine oil. I take a few drops in the morning to chill out and get myself back on track, all while staying totally productive! 



Marketing & Website

An English brand based in London.

As you may have already seen, we're available in France, Italy and Poland and have plans to expand even further around Europe!

What we believe in...


Everyone is unique in their own way meaning that stress impacts us all differently. Kaya's team of naturopaths and pharmacists are here to listen and give you advice tailored to your needs.

Having a global and holistic approach

The body, mind, people and the environment are all interconnected. We're deeply convinced of this. Everything acts in harmony and the more approaches we adopt, the more we can effectively see results. Playing a sport, practicing meditation or yoga, seeking help from a sophrologist or a naturopath: all are very effective techniques we recommend exploring...

Letting the earth breathe

Seeing the planet getting warmer and natural resources becoming more scarce are things we find very worrying. Even if we're far from being perfect, we donate 1% of our revenue towards the planet, and are commited to constantly improving our environmental impact (minimising our use of plastic, packaging and carbon footprint).

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